AIRTAXI Virtual Airline


TOUR_IMAGETourStart dateEnd dateNum. LegsDistanceInfo
[AIRTAXI] Tour IBERICA2018-01-012020-12-31100
[AIRTAXI] Tour ZONA EURO2018-01-012020-12-31190
[AIRTAXI] Online day 20192019-01-012019-12-17100
[AIRTAXI] Summer 20192019-07-152019-09-15100

TOUR_IMAGETourStart dateEnd dateNum. LegsDistanceInfo
[IVAO] VFR World Tour 2018 - South America2018-01-012020-01-316013780
[IVAO] Anniversary World Tour 20182018-12-012020-08-037673292
[IVAO] SST Supersonic World Tour 20172017-01-012019-11-302260651
[IVAO] VFR World Tour 2015 - Africa2015-01-012020-01-316015209
[IVAO] VFR World Tour 2015 - Asia2015-01-012020-01-316015140
[IVAO] VFR World Tour 2016 - Australia & New Zealand2016-01-012020-01-316013718
[IVAO] VFR World Tour 2017 - North America2017-01-012020-01-316013454
[IVAO] IFR World Tour 20192019-01-012020-01-315052861
[IVAO] Vintage World Tour 20182018-01-012021-01-318255023
[IVAO] VFR World Tour 2019 - Europe2019-01-012020-01-316012602
[IVAO] Long Haul World Tour 20192019-01-012020-01-3124106168
[IVAO] Formula 1 World Tour 20192019-03-012020-03-312766117
[IVAO] Cargo World Tour 20192019-04-012020-04-305562225

TOUR_IMAGETourStart dateEnd dateNum. LegsDistanceInfo
[IVAO PT] Business Jet Atlantic Tour2019-01-152020-01-051517572
[IVAO PT] The Alheiras Express Tour2019-01-152020-01-058656
[IVAO PT] Long Haul Tour2019-01-152020-01-051032258
[IVAO PT] The Real low-cost Tour2019-01-152020-01-051417342
[IVAO PT] Lusitanian Tour2019-01-152020-01-05915277
[IVAO PT] PT IFR Tour2019-01-152019-12-29114566
[IVAO PT] Lisboa - Dakar Rally Tour2019-01-152020-01-05122340
[IVAO PT] PT VFR Tour 20192019-01-152020-01-0513670