AIRTAXI Virtual Airline


Hélder Correia


Hélder Correia is the creator and mentor of AIRTAXI Virtual Airline. With the motivation of adding a group of friends who used to fly together, he invited the other founding pilots of our VA to participate initially in a group of Telegram (meanwhile ...) where they began to take the first steps of AIRTAXI.

He currently serves as the Administrator of AIRTAXI Virtual Airline, defining his strategy and managing the other employees.

It also accumulates the Webmaster functions of the AIRTAXI, Livery Designer website of our aircraft and performs live streams of its flights in a timely manner.

It is available for any clarification related to AIRTAXI Virtual Airline.

Bryan Ferreira

Pilot Manager

Bryan Ferreira is part of the group of founding pilots of AIRTAXI Virtual Airline, playing the same role as Pilot Manager.

Reporting directly to the Administrator, he manages the pilots of our VA dealing with the new admissions and recruitments, also ensuring the fulfillment of the obligations of our pilots and the defense of their rights.

Nowadays, he also has the role of Public Relations and the manager of our social networks.

Marco Pereira

Operations Manager

Marco Pereira is at AIRTAXI Virtual Airline since its inception, integrating the group of founding pilots.

He performs the function of Operations Manager in AIRTAXI, doing all the management of our Hubs, Fleet and Routes of VA, reporting directly to the Administrator.

Any question related to the operation of AIRTAXI shall be forwarded to it so that it can address it properly.

Francisco Gouveia

Fleet Manager