1. Conditions of Admission

AIRTAXI Virtual Airline pilot candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least fifteen (15) years of age;
  • Be the owner of one of the following aerial simulation software: FS9, FSX, P3D or XPlane;
  • Have a valid and active email account;
  • Log in to AIRTAXI Virtual Airline by providing true data;
  • Agree and accept the AIRTAXI Virtual Airline Privacity Policy.

AIRTAXI Virtual Airline Administration reserves the right of admission of cadidates to pilot.

2. Duties

All AIRTAXI Virtual Airline pilots must fulfill the following duties:

  1. Perform the first successful flight on AIRTAXI Virtual Airline within 7 days of acceptance of your registration;
  2. Keep your account active (*) fulfilling the goal of the previous sixty (60) days to have at least one flight;
  3. Flying online, comply with the general rules of the simulation platforms (IVAO, VATSIM, etc ...), complying with the ATC guidelines;
  4. On all platforms of AIRTAXI Virtual Airline (Website, Discord, Facebook, etc ...) have a cordial conduct with other users where it will be prohibited:
    1. Inappropriate and offensive language;
    2. Material or links to pornographic content;
    3. Discussions or comments related to religion, sexuality or politics;
    4. References and/or distribution of illegal software.
  5. Remember that when using an AIRTAXI Virtual Airline callsign you are representing the company and should therefore act with the professionalism and cordiality due.

AIRTAXI Virtual Airline wishes never to have to deal with conflicts or problems between our pilots or among other users (pilots or air traffic controllers of online simulation networks). However, if conflicts or problems occur they must be forwarded through the e-mail address, so that the Administration can consider the measures to be taken.


At any time, if during the previous 60 days a pilot does not fulfill the obligation to comply with at least one flight, he / she will be placed in the inactive state.

After inactivation, the pilot can request its reactivation through the email address
You should then take a flight within 48 hours of reactivation to regularize your situation.
If you do not perform that flight, you will return to the inactive state.

A pilot who after thirty (30) days of inactivity has not regularized his / her situation, will be removed from AIRTAXI Virtual Airline’s list of pilots, losing all flight hours, medals and position. In the event that you want to fly again in AIRTAXI Virtual Airline in the future, you must register again and start your career from scratch.

Note: The founding pilots and / or those belonging to AIRTAXI staff, for the function they perform, enjoy a different status from other AIRTAXI pilots, so they are exempt from the obligation to keep their active account with regular flights.




RankRank ImageRank Minimum HoursRank Maximum HoursSalary per hour:
Second Officer2510030
First Officer10050050
Senior Captain10001000100
Chief Pilot10001000150


Award NameAward Image
Founder Pilot [Exclusive] / Piloto Fundador [Exclusiva]
More than 100 hours of flight / Mais de 100 horas de voo
More than 500 hours of flight / Mais de 500 horas de voo
More than 1000 hours of flight / Mais de 1000 horas de voo
More than 2000 hours of flight / Mais de 2000 horas de voo
Best Pilot - January 2020
Crazy Lukla VFR
No Outro Lado Do Mundo
London City Madness
Into the Storm - 02/09/2019
1º Aniversário
Voo Inaugural
Dia do Trabalhador - 01/05/2018
59ºAniversário do primeiro voo do Boeing 707-436 - 19/05/2018
Cidade Maravilhosa - 11/08/2018
A Rocha de Gibraltar - 19/08/2018