AIRTAXI Virtual Airline


AIRTAXI Virtual Airline was born from a group of friends who shared the same path for aviation and strategy in mid-February 2018, through a group of Telegram created, the idea of ​​a virtual airline came up.

Thus, after the launch date of a pilot plane, on March 24, 2018, the AIRTAXI Virtual Airline era was officially inaugurated, and the data was celebrated and marked with a flight between Lisbon and Madeira.

To the first end to the focus in Portugal, it rapidly evolved into the Luso-Brazilian VA of operationation, due to composition of group of founding pilots.

As of 2018, the expansion of operations for all the countries of the PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE COUNTRY (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Princípe and Timor-Leste) in order to affirm the AIRTAXI Virtual Airline as a virtual airline for all users of the Portuguese language.

We are always in the process of expanding with new hubs and routines on our scheduled flights to reach the four corners of the world and offer our pilots a more diversified choice for the job.


We are a virtual airline that unofficially supports IVAO in general and the active divisions of the countries where we operate in particular.



In this way, we promote the flight in this network of simulation between our pilots, as well as we divulge in our site the World Tours of IVAO and the Regional Tours of the mentioned divisions. Our pilots are awarded an AIRTAXI Virtual Airline medal, in addition to the medal awarded by IVAO-HQ or IVAO Regional, upon completing these tours.


AIRTAXI Virtual Airline is recruiting new pilots !!!

Our virtual airline management system is certainly compatible with your preferred simulator (FS2004, FSX and P3D and X-Plane).

Come share your passion with us.
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